Opt out

If you are a Class Member but you are interested in starting your own individual lawsuit or you otherwise do not want to be a Class Member, you must “opt-out” of the class action. If you wish to opt out, you must submit the written Opt-Out Form by October 29, 2021. You can download the form here

Any opt-out notices must be mailed to:

Dewar Communications Inc.
Attn: Deborah Bowden-Jones
9 Prince Arthur Ave
Toronto ON M5R 1B2

Opt-out Forms are due by October 29, 2021.

No person may opt out a minor or mentally incapable person without permission of the Court, after notice to the Children’s Lawyer or Public Guardian and Trustee, as applicable to Class members resident in Ontario, and to comparable or equivalent entities in other provinces and territories, as applicable to Class Members resident in other provinces and territories. Where any Class Member opts out, that person’s family members will also be deemed to have opted out. Members of the Family Class have no independent right to opt out.

If you opt out, you will not be able to share in any benefits or compensation from the class action.